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September 4, 2018




This is Chad. If you're at a party, Chad is easy to spot because he's the most fun person there. Enduringly optimistic and full of crazy movie fan theories, Chad has not only accompanied Simone on this ridiculous podcasting journey, but he's also the Editor in Chief at Forge & Flint. Everything he touches becomes better. Throw a bad situation at him and he'll turn it into a fun story, a great opportunity or a dodgy joke. Throw a shaky podcast idea at him, and he'll turn it into a semi well-oiled laugh machine. Thanks, Chad.
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Simone is one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. A scientist by study, but a badass by trade, this woman is a fiercely loyal friend, talented writer and, in a word, robust human being with so much to give to the world. Having spent most of her spare time either drinking, watching movies, or drinking while watching movies, Simone is the best person for the job required by the It's Not That Bad Podcast.
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